Angie Donkin Musician/Specialist



Angie can be best described in just one word... VERSATILE. “ Music is magic!” Angie says. She uses her imagination in everything she does. Her music education classes for toddlers are just as important as the avant-garde productions she creates for adults. Recently her children’s album entitled “Orange” by The Music Boat with Angie and Unc won the Kids Music Award for best album.  Angie has a knack for songwriting, currently she has been involved in several collaborative projects including a partnership with lyricist Catherine Schuler. Together they wrote 100 songs in the last year. She also performs quite a unique electronica show featuring live music and visual art collaboratively with her bandmate Nonagon in San Francisco. Together they have a band called Dust Red Skies that is debuting their album this Aug 2013. Her songwriting includes, psychedelic rock, folk, R&B, electronica and jazz. Her abilities don’t stop there, Angie is a great band leader and production designer. She strives to create shows and performances that are multi dimensional including visual effects, acting, dancing and costumes. Angie says, “I always try to be more than just a band performing in a night club. I want to transform the whole building and make take the audience to a new atmosphere where it’s magical and feels interactive. The audience is the most important element to a successful show. I want them to feel part of it all because they are!” Doesn’t matter the age or the medium, Angie is an innovative entertainer for all people! 



This sunny california girl knows her stuff! Angie has been involved with music and performing for most of her entire life. Proficient in singing any genre under the sun.


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